About this website

The title of my blog comes from something that my children do in summer - jumping from trees. At the bottom of our section winds a sluggish estuarine river. The tidal pull slowly sucks silver flashing mullet, scrabbling crabs and screaming children past the twisting roots of a pohutakawa tree. The branches of the tree tickle the surface of the rising flow of water before scooping up my kids. Screams and shouts erupt from the tree as wiry bodies leap with whole hearted abandon back into the river. Sometimes I feel like my children might do in this moment, with writing and researching. These activities are often a scramble that sometimes require a leap and often end in joy.

This website is a reflection on my journey as a primary health care researcher and as a doctor working in a kaupapa Māori health service. My blog posts reflect the tools that I have learnt in assisting me in my journey so far as well as research that I have done or found useful.