Dealing with actions from meetings

Taking meeting minutes is a common task in academia. A critical component of good meeting minutes is recording the actions or tasks that arise out of the meeting. While recording actions is important it becomes a waste of time if those actions are not transferred into a task management system. My current task manager of choice is 2Do, which has a great URL scheme for iOS automation. By leveraging the power of Drafts, Workflow and 2Do I can convert my meeting minutes into tasks in 2Do. I achieve this by annotating actions that are required as follows:

Sally suggested that the paper on habitual ear wax sculpturing should explore whether there is a relationship with tidal moon pulls. ACTION: do literature review on tidal moon pulls

Once the minutes are complete I trigger a Drafts action that sends the text of the minutes to a workflow in This workflow (pictured below) extracts the text that follows the word ACTION: and sends that text to 2Do via a URL scheme.

2Do action workflow

Written on January 25, 2017